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A Shared Dream
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An "Inception"-based roleplay community


1. First and foremost, members must be courteous and respectful of each other! This is a community for fun above all else. Hateful personal attacks of any sort will not be permitted and the mods are entitled to warn or ban the offending member at their discretion. This goes for in-character as well. If another player is uncomfortable with in-character interactions, the mods may also use their discretion there as well. So keep it clean!

2. You must fill out an application before joining the community! Go to the application post HERE and select either a character application, or an original character application and post it as a comment to that post with your character journal. Movie characters are first come, first serve. You can also hold a character for 48 hours. If you do not put in an application within that time frame, the character will be opened back up for other applications! Again, for all the details, visit the application post.

3. We encourage having an active community, so in order to remain a member, you must post at least one in-character entry every two weeks. You may do so more often than that, but you will be sent a reminder if you are past the two week date. If you must go on a hiatus longer than that, please post an out of character post to let the mods and other players know!

4. Your character journal must also have a disclaimer somewhere in the profile. All entries must be friends-locked, except for a friends only entry. Also, your character journal must remain exclusive to this community. You should not be using the journal for other roleplays or other communities in general. In addition to that, you must have all of the related communities and character journals added with your character journal! There will be a mod post any time a new character is added or removed. Also, all characters must have an AIM screenname.

5. We greatly encourage character interaction through journals, AIM chats, and scenes. Scenes must be written in storybook style - full paragraphs, with proper punctuation and grammar, please! They can then be posted in the scene community, a_shared_scene. Check the scene community rules here for all the details, as well as the format for posting a scene! AIM chats may also be posted if they are relevant to a scene or plotline.

6. In regards to entries in your character journals, if there is more than one picture, or if the text is large enough that your flisters have to hit page down to see other entries, please place it behind an lj cut. Please. It just makes it easier to sift through entries and reply to people!

7. If there are any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post a comment at the ask-a-mod post here, or send us a message on AIM to either lhommedepointe, toobrittoquit, or formersilhouette.

8. If you wish to invent a backstory that relates to one of the other characters in the game, you must discuss this with the other character's player before putting it into effect. Never assume that they'll be okay with what you have in mind. This goes for new applicants as well - please feel free to contact any current players before applying if you'd like to come into the game with links to their character. To find out about the other characters currently in the game, check their bios HERE This also goes for all scenes, as well. Make sure you discuss major plot points in your scenes with all parties before you scene them, even characters that are only mentioned. If you're going to be doing something that will affect a character on the side, ask first!

9. Members may play a maximum of two characters. You may only apply for one at first; after two weeks, if you've been active, you are allowed to apply for your second.

10. And finally, once you've read the rules, make sure that you include the phrase, "Well, it was worth a shot" in the subject line of your application comment. Otherwise we'll ask you to read the rules and repost your application. Let the dreaming begin!

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